Why DIY Orthodontics is a Recipe for Dental Disaster

Why DIY Orthodontics is a Recipe for Dental Disaster

DIY activities are becoming increasingly on-trend. Thanks to social media and the internet, written and video guides are becoming a source of inspiration for people who want to do things independently—from building a patio to repairing a TV.

While DIY practices are great for learning new skills, some things are better left to the experts—especially if they concern something as sensitive and complicated as one’s oral health. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in ten dentists has treated patients who tried and failed at their own smile-straightening projects at home. 

DIY orthodontics usually include methods involving household items like rubber bands or dental floss to straighten teeth. A lack of professional supervision and appropriate knowledge can turn these projects into disasters. It’s crucial to avail of emergency dental services in such cases.

Here are a few reasons why DIY orthodontics can turn into a dental disaster

Tooth And Bone Loss

A safe and effective dental treatment can only be performed a post-clinical examination and radiography reports. Orthodontic appliances like braces or aligners work by remodeling and changing your teeth, moving, and straightening them.

DIY dental work lacks prior oral assessment. Tooth movement when they are unhealthy or damaged can stimulate bone loss, and in the worst cases, lead to tooth loss. This risk still exists even if the bone is healthy.

braces in teethGum Infections

DIY orthodontic appliances involve nonsterile and non-medical-grade supplies like rubber bands, paper clips, and flossing devices. It’s easy to develop an infection with such products. They can cut into the gums and injure the gum tissue.

Wearing makeshift braces or aligners on open sores can also cause damage to the surrounding gum tissues. As a result, gum infections can spread through the entire circulatory system.

Increased Dental Costs

The primary purpose of turning to DIY methods is to save money, but you’ll end up paying a lot more to repair the damage. 

It’s better to save money and invest in professional dental services than to correct damage from DIY braces and straightening kits. An orthodontist will make major or minor modifications to your treatment plan according to your teeth goals, continue monitoring your progress and make adjustments along the way—all in one investment. 

a woman smiling in a beanie

DIY orthodontics might do the trick for people with minor crowding and spacing. However, such procedures have no guarantee and the teeth could relapse at any time. The only way to guarantee safe orthodontic treatments is by visiting the dentist. 

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