The Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Poor Oral Health

The Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Poor Oral Health

Where did I put my car keys? Did I turn the stove off before leaving the house? Did I leave the iron on? These are just some questions we ask ourselves when our memory fails us. 

We make numerous lists and write on post-it upon post-it to remember even the smallest of tasks, like doing laundry or filling up gas. As we get older, this never-ending list of forgotten items keeps increasing. In the worst cases, it can be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

What does the research say?

While we have no control over growing older, one factor we can monitor to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s is oral hygiene. A study published in Science Advances in 2019 revealed a link between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s disease. The bacteria that causes Gingivitis or gum disease can travel from the mouth to the brain and destroy nerve cells, leading to memory loss and ultimately, Alzheimer’s in patients.

In recent times, the relationship between poor oral health and cognitive damage, especially memory impairment, has received a great deal of attention from researchers and scientists alike. A researcher named Piotr Model at Broegelmanns Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen (UiB) further elaborated this link by confirming that while this bacteria alone is not responsible for causing Alzheimer’s, it increases the risk of Alzheimer’s or, in patients who are already afflicted, it is correlated with quicker progression. His advice? To brush and floss daily. 

However, it’s important to note here that many people are unaware of the correct procedure for brushing teeth, which can lead to ineffective results. One solution is to contact local dentistry that can offer personalized services. You can visit our website to look at the range of services we offer, from general dentistry to professional exams and cleaning. 

What can we do?

Teeth cleaning before and after

To date, there are no drugs that can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, so the best solution is to take precautions and ensure regular dental checkups to maintain good oral hygiene. By making regular appointments with the right dentist, you can do your part in protecting your health and your mind from further deterioration. 

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