6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Brush their Teeth

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Brush their Teeth

Dental care is super important, especially for kids. Brushing teeth can be an overwhelming experience for a kid who hasn’t done it before. Moreover, doing it twice every day might feel a bit boring.

Below we have compiled a list of effective ways to teach your kid to brush their teeth.

1. Teach Them Young

According to a study, over 40% of kids already have a cavity or dental problem by the time they start Kindergarten!

Start early and make brushing teeth a habit. You can start by brushing it for them and slowly letting them learn to do it themselves. Your kid needs to realize how important it is to brush their teeth regularly.

Taking good care of their teeth from an early age will help minimize the risks of cavities, set up a good foundation, and maintain good dental health.

2. Make it Fun

Kids might find brushing twice every day boring, so it’s your responsibility to make it interesting for them. Play their favorite songs, dance along while brushing, read them interesting stories, and whatever else your kid prefers.

Try your best not to portray brushing their teeth as a chore or some sort of punishment.

3. Reward Them

Give them small presents or gifts as a reward for brushing their teeth properly. Encourage them by appreciating the effort. Small rewards could be anything, like a few extra minutes past bedtime, binge-watching favorite cartoons, and so on. This will only encourage your child to carry out teeth brushing duties regularly and effectively.

4. Compliment Them

Always remember to appreciate a child when they brush and not let them feel it’s a basic task. Compliments go a long way in helping a kid make something a habit, be it brushing their teeth or anything else.

5. Set an Example

You can talk to your kids as much as you want, but if they don’t see you brushing your teeth regularly, they won’t do the same themselves. Rather than listening, kids learn more by example. It would help if you start brushing with them. It will be more fun for the kids, plus they’ll remember how important it is because you’re always there doing it with them.

A father brushing his teeth with his child

6. Personalization

Let your kid pick their toothpaste and brush. Allow them to customize it with colors or stickers if possible. Let them have it their way, and it’ll help make it more interesting for them to brush.

Teaching your kids to brush early is very important, as you might have already known, but what’s equally important is to get your child’s teeth examined regularly by a good dentist. If you’re from Santa Clarita, Copperhill Smiles offers a variety of dental services and caters to dental emergencies. You can get general dentistry services, tooth fillings, Invisalign aligners, and much more for your kid at our clinic. Contact us now to book an appointment.

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