Myths and Facts About Fluoride

Myths and Facts About Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in food and water. However, its presence in water is not enough to protect our teeth, which is why it’s often added to toothpaste. Fluoride is known to protect our teeth from cavities and tooth decay, but it’s garnered a fair share of myths over the years.

These myths are not based on reliable information, which is why today, we’ll debunk some of the most common ones with actual facts.

1. Fluoride Causes Cancer

There’s no truth to fluoride causing cancer. Multiple studies have shown that Fluoride doesn’t have anything to do with cancer.

An Australian study found a similar number of cancer cases in Fluoride using locales as Fluoride abstaining locales.

2. Fluoride is Harmful to Children

There is no evidence that the consumption of Fluoride is dangerous for children or anyone for that matter.

On the contrary, fluoridation protects children’s teeth from tooth decay and cavities.

A kid smiling, with his healthy teeth visible

3. Fluoride Causes Arthritis and Fractures

There is no link between fluoride and arthritis. Fluoride is a natural mineral that’s already found in our diets, and it certainly doesn’t put us at an increased risk of fractures.

4. Fluoride is Expensive

Fluoride is one of the cheapest methods of teeth protection, not to mention relatively cheaper than procedures and treatments for cavities and tooth decay.

5. Multiple Countries Have Banned Fluoridation

There are a number of countries and states that do not add fluoride to their water, but that doesn’t have anything to do with a ban. Not a single country prohibits adding fluoride to drinking water.

6. Fluoridation Doesn’t Effect on Tooth Decay

Multiple studies have proven that that fluoridation is an effective way to promote healthy teeth and avoid tooth decay and cavities, negating the claim about the ineffectiveness of fluoridation.

7. Fluoride is a Forced Mass Medication

Fluoride is no medication. It’s merely a natural mineral that’s already found in water. Only a certain amount is added to protect the teeth against cavities.

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