Dental Crown- 7 Myths about Dental Crowns Debunked

Dental Crown- 7 Myths about Dental Crowns Debunked

Dental crowns can save severely damaged teeth. They don’t just protect and strengthen your teeth, but also look natural. This dental procedure has gained signification traction because it helps retain teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Despite their popularity, there are many myths associated with dental crowns.

Let’s debunk some of the most common myths:

1. Myth: The procedure is painful

Many people believe that procedure of getting a dental crown is painful and extensive.

Truth: Experienced dentists ensure a comfortable for you

The crowning procedure can relieve the pain caused by a decayed or chipped tooth, not amplify it. Dentists use anesthesia to desensitize the area before performing the procedure. There are two types of anesthesia used to numb the teeth and oral cavity: injection and spray. While injections are the most common sedation method used for children, dentists also use spray anesthesia so they don’t have to bear the pain of injection. A good dentist always double-checks the sensitivity, ensuring that the oral cavity is numb enough to carry out the procedure correctly.

2. Myth: Crowns stain easily

Most people refrain from letting the dentist crown their teeth, thinking they’d have to deal with yellow or discolored teeth.

Truth: Porcelain crowns are actually stain resistant

Our teeth are mainly made of calcium, and a lack of calcium in the body leads to yellowish stains. Plus, the appearance of stains can also be caused by your lifestyle, food intake, and mineral concentration in the body. For example, caffeine and smoke can stain your teeth.

So, what your dentist told you about dental crowns is actually true. These are made of porcelain and are resistant to almost every food item. A smile makeover dentist in Santa Clarita takes an impression of your teeth before the procedure, which is totally painless. Porcelain crowns don’t have pores, so your crown remains white no matter what goes inside.

A dentist explaining a dental procedure to the patient

3. Myth: The dental crown protects teeth from cavities

Everyone would love capping protection for their teeth. Unfortunately, dental crowns do not protect the teeth from cavities. However, according to a recent survey, around 11% of the population consider this myth to be true.

Truth: Your teeth might still be prone to cavities if not cared for properly

Cavities are generally caused due to excessive sweet intake. If not treated on time or crowned after, it can move to the gums and in the roots causing immense pain. It may even require emergency tooth extraction under extreme situations.

Additionally, if your dental crowns are not fitted perfectly, you might get dental cavities. A loose-fitting of the dental crown will cause leakage of foods and drinks inside the space between cap and teeth, making it the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and infect your tooth.

4. Myth: Dental crowns looks ugly and unnatural

According to a survey, about 25% of people think that dental crowns look ugly and unnatural.

Truth: A good dentist will fit your dental crown perfectly to make it look natural

How a dental crown looks in your mouth depends upon the quality of the cap and the practice of the surgeon. Nowadays, porcelain and zirconia are top-quality crowns, especially because they look exactly like natural teeth. If your surgeon does not fit the crown perfectly with the rest of your teeth, the crown will look odd and visibly unnatural. This is where the expertise matters.

A jaw X-ray

5. Myth: Getting a dental crown can be expensive

Many people think dental crowning is an extremely expensive procedure. While that’s not entirely untrue, several factors make up the cost of a dental crown.

Truth: Multiple factors determine the cost of a dental crown

The cost of a good dental crown depends upon the material used and the qualification of the dental surgeon. You might get low quotes from certain countries on the internet, but the credibility of services is questionable there. Moreover, if you get a dental infection, it causes pain, and you will need to buy multiple antibiotics and painkillers, which can add to the cost and your suffering. Also, there’s always the risk of losing your teeth in the process if the infection does not resolve. So, it is better to get the natural teeth crown and enhance their life. You can get dental crown service for as low as $500.

6. Myth: Dental crown changes color with time

Not every dental crown you get will discolor; certain materials don’t discolor even after prolonged periods.

Truth: A good quality dental crown doesn’t lose color

There are so many qualities of dental crowns available in the market, each producing different results. For example, porcelain metal fused crowns turn grayish after some time due to metal. However, porcelain and zirconia crowns are highly resistant to almost every stain. Sometimes, these get stains due to excessive smoking, but that can be dealt with by professional teeth cleaning services.

A man trimming teeth

7. Myth: 100% porcelain crowns are the best

Many people believe that porcelain crowns are the best.

Truth: A combination of porcelain and zirconia is the best dental crown

Indeed, porcelain crowns are supposed to be great, but there is a better choice: a mixture of porcelain and zirconia. The resistant quality of the fused crown is unmatchable.

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