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Laser Gum Reshaping

About Laser Gum Reshaping

Everyone dreams of having a contagious, beautiful smile. For some, excess gum tissue and uneven gum lines stand in the way of the perfect smile they’ve always wanted.

The experts at Copperhill Smiles can reshape and transform your smile using cutting-edge technology and minimally-invasive procedures. We want to help you feel confident in your smile and, with laser gum reshaping, you can!

This cosmetic procedure doesn’t just offer aesthetic benefits for your smile; it also serves a practical purpose for your dental health. In cases where your crown is placed closer to the gum than was intended, your gums may begin to grow over it. In other cases, the gum may be receding instead of growing over the teeth.

For these, and other varying circumstances, laser gum reshaping offers a quicker, more effective, and painless solution. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology and the latest procedures to ensure you enjoy the best outcomes.

Gum Reshaping Treatments in Santa Clarita, CA

Our painless, minimally-invasive laser gum reshaping treatment removes excess gum tissue using high energy lights. As the process occurs, the laser aids with clotting and you don’t have to worry about any bleeding during or after it.

The procedure is conducted by our specialists without the need for anesthesia or any stitches that will require frequent visits or removal.

Laser gum reshaping offers a viable alternative to traditional invasive surgical procedures that corrected the look of gums. Our commitment to the newest technologies enables us to perform the procedure in a painless and simple way.

Owing to the breakthroughs in laser technology, you won’t have to deal with long recovery time. Instead, your gums will be fully recovered within a few days and you’ll be able to flaunt your stunning, enhanced smile!

Laser gum reshaping offers a variety of benefits compared to traditional procedures. If you undergo laser gum reshaping, you can enjoy:

  • A symmetrical, straighter smile that improves your teeth’s aesthetic appeal
  • Quicker and smoother recovery process
  • Little to no discomfort and a low risk for complications
  • The laser trims and cauterizes the gum tissues at the same time, foregoing the need for stitches

Are you unhappy with how your smile looks because of your gums? We have effective solutions to transform your smile. Schedule a consultation with our dentists at our Santa Clarita dental clinic today.

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