Oral Cancer Screening

The Prevalence of Oral Cancer

About 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer in a given year. These astounding numbers point to the need for early detection and effective treatments for a variety of oral cancers that are widely prevalent.

Oral cancers can occur in your oral cavity—the tongue, roof of your mouth, lips, inside of cheeks, gums, and teeth—or in parts of your throat—including the base of your tongue and tonsils.

Contrary to common misconceptions, oral cancer doesn’t just affect people who drink, chew tobacco, or smoke. Anyone can be at risk for the condition and, thus, regular checkups and screenings are necessary to provide effective treatment.

Exposure to the sun, family history of cancer, and experience of the human papillomavirus (HPV) can increase your vulnerability to oral cancer. At our dental clinic in Santa Clarita, we undertake thorough diagnostic tests to determine whether you’re experiencing cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Santa Clarita, CA

At Copperhill Smiles, we perform oral cancer screenings at every appointment. We conduct a thorough examination of your oral health, neck, and head to ensure no signs of cancer are present.

Through our oral cancer screenings, we hope to detect precancerous conditions in their early stages so we can address them promptly. When detected early, cancerous lesions can be cured with greater success.

When you come in for an oral cancer screening, our dentists perform certain checkups to look for possible indicators of oral cancer. Some of these are:

  • The inside of your mouth is visually examined for red/white patches and mouth sores
  • Our dentist conducts a physical exam to feel for abnormalities or lumps in your mouth’s tissues
  • You will have to rinse your mouth with a special screening dye
  • An endoscopy may be conducted by shining a light into your mouth to find abnormalities. Healthy areas generally appear lighter than areas of concern.

Once our experts suspect that there is a need for further diagnostic tests, you may be called in for further testing. These follow-up visits will include a thorough examination or a biopsy to yield more definitive results.

If you’re experiencing mouth pain, soreness, or any difficulty chewing or swallowing, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Santa Clarita, CA.

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