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Safe and comfortable dental treatments at Copperhill Smiles for patients who experience anxiety!

While going to the dentist is annoying for most people, for some, it can be downright scary. At Copperhill Smiles, we understand the nature of dental anxiety and stress. A lot of times, it even keeps people from going to the dentist for simple dental issues, which then escalate into serious oral health issues. For emergency tooth extractions, come down to our clinic in Santa Clarita.

Copperhill Smiles provides the perfect solution for such people; Sedation Dentistry.

Imagine undergoing complex dental treatments such as oral surgery, tooth extractions, and root canals without any discomfort or pain. With the help of our in-house, board-certified anesthesiologist, you will have no recollection of any pain, noise, or discomfort.

Types of Sedative States

Sedation dentistry is regulated by law to ensure the health and safety of patients. At Copperhill Smiles, we offer three main types of sedative states that can be legally administered. These include:

MILD SEDATION — usually administered orally, mild sedation allows the patient to remain awake, albeit in a sleepy state. It ensures heightened relaxation while allowing you to breathe on your own.

MODERATE SEDATION — usually recommended for complex dental procedures and patients with moderate dental anxiety, it allows them to remain conscious and in a deep state of relaxation to eliminate any pain or discomfort

DEEP SEDATION — patients with severe dental anxiety are recommended to opt for deep sedation. The patient is given an anesthetic that usually causes them to a state of unconsciousness and they have no recollection of the entire procedure.

Administrating the Sedatives

INHALATION — Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is the most frequently used method. It helps ease mild to moderate dental anxiety and offers quick recovery following the procedure.

ORAL — Oral sedation doesn’t require needles. It is administered vial a simple pill that the patient takes at least an hour before the procedure. This allows them to be completely relaxed by the time they are scheduled for the dental procedure.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, please contact Copperhill Smiles and schedule a consultation.

Our Clients Say


“The friendly atmosphere and state of the art interior makes you relax. I have had a dental phobia most of my life, but it’s gone after just one visit here!”

Ashlie Wilson

Ashlie Wilson

23 years

“The work you carried out on my teeth was excellent. I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone.”

Ketrin Jenkins

Ketrin Jenkins

28 years

“I just wanted to write to thank each and every member of Copperhill Smiles I came into contact with for making my visit so smooth and comfortable today .”

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

31 years

“After visiting a number of dentists over the years, I have finally found one who I trust, without a doubt the most caring and professional staff is working at CopperHill. ”

Vanessa Gilmore

Vanessa Gilmore

22 years

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